Product Description

Tyro-white: A Natural Alternative to Hydroquinone
Tyro White Toner – is a two way toner that helps your skin get that bright & youthful complexion from its botanical extract – Tyrostat. It also helps refuse the appearance of dark spot, freckles & sun damage. With infusion of rich moisturizers. It keeps the skin nourish, soft & protects the skin from external causes.

Tyro White Soap – A line of special, natural whitening products that contains a highly innovative plant extract, Tyrostat, that strongly inhibits the activity of the tyrosinase enzyme in of the skin. It prevents tanning, reduces dark spots, age spots, sun spots, freckles and uneven pigmentation on face and body.

TYRO-WHITE CREAM – for the face and body. Is a special, natural whitening product that works double-fast in lightening the tone if the face and body with its content of, a highly innovative plant extract that strongly inhibits melanin pigment formation. It is an everyday skin whitening product which its regular use prevents appearance of age spots, sun spots, freckles and other unwanted skin pigmentation.