Mesoestetic Bodyshock

Mesoestetic Bodyshock

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The Bodyshock® line offers solutions for the specific treatment of the most common problem areas of the body: cellulite, localised fat deposits, sagging skin, and swelling.

The Bodyshock® line combines the use of topical cosmeceuticals (which are more effective than standard cosmetic products due to their very high concentration of active ingredients) and nutricosmetics that are more easily absorbed by the body.

Mesoestetic® has developed 3 treatment solutions for the most common body concerns:Water retention due to sluggish microcirculation causing oedema and cellulitis.Fat deposits: increase in the size and number of adipocytes, and, in general, in body volume.Sagging skin: the loss of collagen due to aging is increased by body weight changes and leads to the loss of skin firmness and elasticity.

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