Yayo’s Smooth Skinned and Stress-Free Journey

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 Yayo Aguila gains her second wind after menopause and a marital break-up.

“I do have some goals beauty-wise, I’ve gone through my own transformation, and I want to share the same with women my age. Whenever they ask me to give a talk, I tell these women that we cannot be losyang.”


Yayo Aguila still looks younger than her age, which is well past the early 40s. And while the former Bagets girl is being called on more and more to do “mother” roles in teleseryes these days, she still packs the energy of ladies half her age.

Call it a love for life, or an attempt to seize the day after a tumultuous moment in her life. It may be her mountain climb after going through the deep valleys of her much-publicized separation from husband William Martinez, another former teen idol who had grown into a character actor. Yayo runs at a quickening pace – metaphorically and literally. She says she still wants to explore what life offers. And she shows that movement partially by running kilometers regularly, around the neighborhood block or in the vaster expanse of the outdoor.



“I have bounced back from where I was six years ago, after the separation,” says Yago with a smile. “I’ve had more time for myself recently. Unlike before, when I was still married, I’d just spend a lot of time at home, and then bring the kids to school.”

Back then, Yayo did not particularly care about her looks, despite her natural beauty. “I never took time to fix myself, especially during the marriage. I was always busy with home and the children. When I’d go out of the house, I’d just wear maong and flip-flops, and tie my hair into a ponytail.”

Things changed after she started feeling her individuality again, her life as a person, and not just as a wife and a mother. “I learned the value of me time,” she confesses. “I try to improve myself in a lot of ways.”

She discovered her new passion, running, almost by accident. She elaborates, “I’ve been running for a couple of years. I try to run 10 kilometers every Sunday especially with my daughter. Before I’d run only five kilometers. I decided to become more fit. My goal is to have abs, and have an athletic body. I am athletic by nature.”

But then again, her being drawn to this physicality was inevitable considering her personality. “I have to be moving all the time. I can’t stand it when I am not working,” she says. “I like it when I sweat it out in the gym.”

Looking good was par for the course when she went back to showbiz. She says, “They do expect you to look good all the time.” After two years of running regularly, Yayo has noticeably lost several pounds and slimmed down. She lost the chubbiness gained during her married years and finally started wearing the clothes that she liked.

There are other reasons why she wants to stay fit: “I want to live longer,” Yayo confesses. “I can’t afford to get sick because of my kids. I want to be healthy and be able to do with them the activities that they enjoy. That’s why I don’t smoke. I don’t stay out late. I sleep early unless it’s taping day,” referring to the showbiz schedule which has teleserye actors doing a straight 24-hour shoot.


The more relaxed Yayo also now makes it a point to go to the spa and enjoy a massage and a beauty treatment or two. Admittedly, it took her time to get there, to spend time and money on what she originally felt was self-indulgence.

“Before, I’d feel guilty if I go to a salon or a spa,” she shares. “I’ve always made myself second to my family. Their needs come first. But I realized that if I don’t take care of myself, who will take care of my children or my other loved ones? It has to start with me.”

“Now that she is in her 40s, she is more conscious about going outdoors and exposing herself to the sun,” confirms Dr. Claudia Samonte, the dermatologist who Yayo frequently consults about facials and other skin treatments. “Yayo has always had good skin and she never had any acne lines. Now, though, with the onset of age, she is developing fine lines on her face. She is also experiencing extreme dryness because of her menopausal stage.”


Although a natural beauty, Yayo never spent time on enhancing it. Unti her break-up with husband William Martinez encouraged her to undertake beauty treatments

Dr. Samonte, a longtime family friend of Yayo, noted that the actress had fairer skin prior to engaging in her running activities. “She probably neglected the tone and texture of her skin,” she points out. “Mestizas like Yayo are also more prone to develop freckles, which come from a mixture of genetics and too much exposure to the sun.”

One rejuvenation process that helps revitalize Yayo’s skin is a peel that removes any redness caused by sun exposure a bit faster. “We put her under this peel for a maximum of 10 hours,” explains Dr. Samonte. “Moisturizers with Vitamin K also soften the peeling process. She can’t go out of the house during that time. The effects happen in three to five days and there’s another seven to 10 days for painless recovery. She cannot be away for so long because of her commitments and because she runs a lot.”

Yayo experiences a new glow after the procedure. “The freckles will definitely lighten,” says Dr. Samonte. “This procedure is safe for someone like her who exposes herself regularly to the sun.”

One thing about treatments, though, says Dr. Samonte: they always require maintenance. “One session cannot solve problems like skin tone or wrinkles overnight. Maintenance post-treatment is the responsibility of the patient.”

Botox is another treatment that Yayo is considering. Dr. Samonte, though, recommends this approach concerning Botox: “If Yayo undergoes it, the process cannot result in too much tightening. She needs her facial muscles for her acting. Botox would have to be done in moderation. Too much of it cannot be beneficial in her case.”

“I do have some goals beauty-wise,” says Yayo. “I’ve gone through my own transformation and I want to share the same with women my age. Whenever they ask me to give a talk, I tell these women that we cannot be losyang.”

Hopefully, some of these ladies would follow in her footsteps. Yayo declares, “I want to inspire other women, especially the mothers. I want to tell them that it’s never too late for changes.”